Riverside Therapy Group

Currently our groups are ‘on hold’ until we are able to meet face to face although our Drop-In service is currently continuing on the phone. Contact us for more information.

Participating in a therapy group can be extremely beneficial especially if you are having difficulties in your relationships with others, lack confidence, cannot express yourself, get into conflict, repeat similar unhelpful patterns of behaviour with others, dislike groups, but would rather feel more comfortable in them. These are just some of the issues a group can help with. It can build on individual counselling. It may be challenging, but if you stick with it, you will feel more comfortable, and in the supportive atmosphere of the group, come to express your issues with others, learn that they may not see you as you fear, and develop your confidence to become more yourself with other people.

If you are interested in participating in a therapy group you will be invited to meet with the group facilitator to help inform your decision about whether or not the group is appropriate to your needs.

Group therapy may provide:

  • Support in a compassionate and understanding environment
  • A sounding board for difficulties you may have
  • Help and support to resolve difficulties
  • A sense of not being alone, and an awareness of others problems 
  • Hope that things can change
  • Understanding of yourself through communication

As well as helping you to:

  • Develop your empathy and provide an opportunity to help others
  • Increase your confidence in relating to people how you really want to
  • Develop your inter-personal skills
  • Discover that others may not feel about you the way you think they do
  • Learn different ways of relating so you get more out of relationships

When – weekly, 90 minute group, Tuesdays 19:15 to 20:45

Where – Wallingford , The Ridgeway Community Church, St Marys Street , OX10 0EW

Cost – £20 per group if employed, £5 per group if unemployed

For further information contact:

Feedback from previous participants:

“I would highly recommend this programme to any single parents as I have found this very helpful and have seen a massive difference between myself and my daughter.”

“This course has exceeded my expectations, it has helped me look at my children’s behaviour differently and reflect on it and my responses both negative and positive.”

“I have also used what I have learnt with my friendships and with my husband.”

Date – September 2020
Time: 6.30pm-8pm
Where: Sacred Heart Pre-school, Greys Hill, Henley on Thames
Cost: The 8 week course is £100*
* This is a suggested donation only, please discuss with the course leader
Who should attend: Parents and carers of pre-school aged children

How to register:

To register your interest in this group or to find out more please send an email to: sio

Being Myself Group

Do you ever feel that you’ve lost touch with who you are? Life today is getting busier and more stressful. It’s easy to lose touch with what makes us happy as we try to keep on top of everything.

This is a time limited focused group which looks at important areas for feeling good, such as managing stress and anger, self-esteem and relationships.

When: Block of weekly evening sessions

Where: The Berin Centre, Berinsfield

Cost: No fee

To register your interest in this group or to find out more please send an email to: