Counselling Service

A safe space to talk

We are a charity providing affordable counselling and psychotherapy to adults and young people from the age of 12. Riverside offers face-to-face, phone and video counselling.

Considering counselling can be a daunting prospect. Is it the right thing for me?
How can I find someone I trust? How can it possibly help?

 We’re here to listen to you, to give you the time and space to talk through your problems in a confidential and non-judgemental way.

 You can contact us directly to arrange an initial appointment on our referral form,  to discuss your needs and to consider if counselling and our service would be right for you.

We offer counselling in Henley-on-Thames, Wallingford, Berinsfield and Didcot.

We are an affordable service and will agree a fee that is manageable for you.


We have launched this appeal to raise £240K (the cost to run our service for one year) as the need for mental health services has seen huge increase following the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.

We welcome donations of any size; click the button above to donate. For a donation of £55 you can pay for a single counselling session.  £660 pays for a standard course of counselling for Young People and £2,400 pays for a standard course of counselling for adults.



Riverside is a registered charity and we are committed to providing affordable counselling.

Sessions are subsidised by the charity through grants, donations and fundraising.

By choosing to support Riverside your help is making a difference to the mental health and

well-being of people in our community. 

Thank you for all your support.

Shanly FoundationStep Change FundOxfordshire Community FoundationCommunity Fund
Doris FieldInvescoThamesfield Youth Association
bacp | Accredited ServiceSouth Oxfordshire | District Council | Listening Learning LeadingSupported by Henley-on-Thames Town Council
The National Lottery

Equality Statement

RCS was founded in 1989 to provide access to affordable counselling for all those in the community, regardless of background or circumstances. We recognise that discrimination operates consciously and unconsciously in our society, which means some people have greater access to opportunities than others.

Our core belief is that all people are treated with dignity and respect and we are creating an organisation where inequalities are challenged, and we anticipate and respond positively to different needs and circumstances.


To find out more information about our complaints procedure please contact us at or call  01491 876670