How to arrange counselling

To arrange an initial consultation for counselling please register by completeing the referral form or call *01491 876 670

We are unable to offer counselling to clients who are living overseas whether temporarily or permanent


Next Steps

  1. Please register by completing our referral form or call us and we can complete the form with you over the phone.
  2. You will be contacted by a member of the Riverside team and offered an initial consultation which usually takes about an hour. When you are offered an appointment you will need to complete a Client agreement form which includes our approach to

    confidentiality. You can do this with your initial consultation counsellor.

  3. To secure this consultation payment of £55 is required to cover the cost of your initial registration and consultation fee. Please note that we can offer some reduced fees through bursary funding, if needed.  
  4. The cost of on-going counselling will be discussed and agreed during your initial consultation and it is dependent upon your household income.  At Riverside we are committed to providing affordable counselling by ensuring that cost is not a barrier to accessing our service.
  5. During your initial consultation we will ask about what it is that you are struggling with to help us make sure that you will benefit from counselling.  If  we feel that counselling would not help you at this present time, we will think with you what is the most appropriate support.
  6. You will then be allocated an on-going counsellor who you will meet with weekly at the same time and in the same place each week.  Each session will last 50 minutes.  Your on-going counsellor is usually a different counsellor from the one you initially met with.
  7. Riverside offers short, medium and longer term counselling.  The duration of your work will be discussed and agreed between yourself and your counsellor.
  8. Riverside is a charity that relies heavily on fees to continue offering an affordable service.  Your appointment time is held just for you, therefore if you are unable to attend you will still be expected to pay for your session.
  9. Please note that our waiting times for an initial consultation and on-going counselling do vary and is dependant upon several factors, such as your availability and our counsellor availability.  If you are concerned about how long you may have to wait, you can call us to discuss your concerns.



To arrange an initial consultation for counselling

Register or call 01491 876 670