Young People

Young People’s Service

Please be aware that currently there is a high demand for counselling and so we do have limited availability but if we can possibly accommodate you we will. Those clients contacting the service may be offered an exploratory phone call prior to the Initial Consultation to discuss if counselling with us is likely to be an appropriate option.   

Our resources page may be helpful and we are also offering a phone ‘drop in’ service for young people, for which you can find details below.

Adolescence is the period between no longer being a child and preparing for adulthood; between the ages of about 12-18 (and beyond!) there are lots of changes that will happen to an adolescent. Physical changes to their body, neuro biological and hormonal changes as well as cognitive changes.

In short it is a rapid period of growth that is anticipated with both excitement and anxiety for both young people and their families.

For most adolescents and their families the task of navigating through the teenage years is relatively smooth but for some it can be a turbulent and challanging time leaving both parents/carers and the adolescent themselves  at a loss with how to manage their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Young people can feel overwhelmed and confused with parents and carers feeling a sense of powerlessness and worry about how best to support and communicate with their adolescent child.

Often both parents/carers and their adolescent can feel isolated and alone, not knowing where to seek help.

You can contact us by email or call us on 01491 976670, there are some useful contacts on our Other Resources page and we update our news page weekly.

RCS recognises the importance of providing a space to young people who may want the opportunity to think about how they are feeling, what their experiences during the Covid19 pandemic have been and how this has affected them. We have created a new, free and confidential drop in service for 12-17 year olds.