Addictions Group in Didcot

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This weekly group will welcome GP, Addiction Service and Self-referrals.A 12-week minimum attendance commitment will be required to secure aplace. The group will be run by experienced psychodynamic counsellorsfrom the respected Riverside Counselling Service with specialist groupand addiction training.

Psychotherapeutic Group for Addiction in Didcot
Where: Didcot Civic Hall
When: Monday Lunchtime, starting March 2022 (dependant on
government Covid guidance )
Cost: £10 per week (if this is prohibitive, please talk to us)


Riverside Therapy Group

Participating in a therapy group can be extremely beneficial especially if you are having difficulties in your relationships with others, lack confidence, cannot express yourself, get into conflict, repeat similar unhelpful patterns of behaviour with others, dislike groups, but would rather feel more comfortable in them. These are just some of the issues a group can help with. It can build on individual counselling. It may be challenging, but if you stick with it, you will feel more comfortable, and in the supportive atmosphere of the group, come to express your issues with others, learn that they may not see you as you fear, and develop your confidence to become more yourself with other people.
If you are interested in participating in a therapy group you will be invited to meet with the group facilitator to help inform your decision about whether or not the group is appropriate to your needs.

Group therapy may provide:

  • Support in a compassionate and understanding environment
  • A sounding board for difficulties you may have
  • Help and support to resolve difficulties
  • A sense of not being alone, and an awareness of others problems
  • Hope that things can change
  • Understanding of yourself through communication

As well as helping you to:

  • Develop your empathy and provide an opportunity to help others
  • Increase your confidence in relating to people how you really want to
  • Develop your inter-personal skills
  • Discover that others may not feel about you the way you think they do
  • Learn different ways of relating so you get more out of relationships

When – weekly, 90 minute group, Tuesdays 19:15 to 20:45

Where – Wallingford , The Ridgeway Community Church, St Marys Street , OX10 0EW

Cost – £20 per group if employed, £5 per group if unemployed

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Stage 1 Certificate Course

Introduction to Counselling Young People (ages 11-18)

January – June 2022

Both the BACP and UKCP require that counsellors who are trained (or are currently training) to work with adults, who also wish to work with young people under the age of 18, demonstrate that they have acquired the competences to work safely with young people.  Our course provides the full BACP curriculum for the first stage of this training. We will be offering Stage 2 for qualified practitioners from September 2022.

The Aim of this Training:

The aim of this course is to enable counselling practitioners to gain knowledge of and competence in working with young people aged 11–18 years in order to practice with this age group in an ethical and effective way. You will be enabled to develop the capacity to reflect on your practice and think with your colleagues about the clinical work.

The Training Includes:

  • Monday 24th January – Ethical and Professional Practice
  • Monday 28th February – Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Saturday 12th March – Risk Assessments
  • Monday 28th March – Child and Adolescent Development and Transitions
  • Monday 25th April – Communication with Young People
  • Monday 23rd May – Beginnings and Endings with Young People
  • Saturday 11th June – Mental Health and Young People
  • Monday 27th June – Working in the Context of the Counselling Setting

Format of the Training:

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Reflective clinical practice group

Sessions will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams on the 4th Monday of every month from January to June 2022. In addition there will be face-to-face workshops on two Saturdays in Didcot (venue to be confirmed).  Each session will be from 9am – 12.30pm.


£700 for the whole course (8 modules), or  

£90 per individual module 

There will be an option to pay in 6 x monthly instalments

The course is delivered by experienced and qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists, and by Adult Qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists with extensive experience of Adolescent Work.

Suitable for trainee counsellors and psychotherapists as well as post qualified clinicians working in the UK.

Placement opportunities are available with Riverside Young People’s Service in Oxfordshire if your adult training meets Riverside’s requirements (see website). 

Please note: Stage 1 is the first part of a two-stage training programme. We are planning to offer Stage 2 – which is for qualified adult trained practitioners – from September 2022.

  • Stage 2 will include 50 hours of clinical practice with young people aged 11-17 which you can do at Riverside or at your current workplace (if appropriate). 
  • Your supervisor will need to be approved and your work with young people will need to be recorded and signed off by the organisation where you gained the experience.
  • At the end of the programme you’ll be required to complete a case study and an assignment related to your development as a clinician working with young people.

How to register for Stage 1: 

To register your interest please email or to find out more please email